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December 2017 Newscaster

The December 2017 edition of the SSCA Newscaster is now available online.

Junk/Tree/Heavy Trash Pickup Still on Hold

Houston residents, please remember that due to the disaster debris collection efforts, the only regularly scheduled solid waste service is garbage collection and curbside recycling. All other scheduled services - yard waste and junk/tree waste - are suspended until further notice. Please do not put your yard waste bags out, they will not be collected. We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we all recover together.

The City's six (6) Neighborhood Depository and Recycling Centers; the Westpark Consumer Recycling Center and the Environmental Service Center will all be open seven (7) days a week. The hours at each type of facility vary, and are listed below. Residents are encouraged to bring their debris to one of the Neighborhood Depositories to assist with the clean-up.

Proof of City of Houston residency is required at the Neighborhood Depositories and the Environmental Service Center. Please bring a current Texas Driver's License or Texas ID and a current water/utility bill or city property tax receipt. For a detailed list of the materials accepted at each location please see the website at


Material Accepted:  Debris, heavy trash, tree waste, recycling, tires, mattresses, concrete
Open: Monday - Sunday; 8am - 8pm

  • North - 9003 N. Main, 77022
  • Northwest - 14400 Sommermeyer, 77041
  • Northeast - 5565 Kirkpatrick, 77028
  • South - 5100 Sunbeam, 77033
  • Southwest - 10785 SW Freeway, 77074
  • Southeast - 2240 Central St., 77017


Material Accepted: Household Hazardous Waste (ex. paint, cleaners, fertilizer, batteries, etc.)
Open: Monday - Sunday; 9am - 3pm
Addresses: 11500 South Post Oak 77035


Material Accepted:Recycling only (ex. Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, aluminum and bimetal cans, glass containers, Styrofoam)
Open: Monday - Sunday; 8am - 5pm
Addresses: 5900 Westpark 77057

For more information, visit or call 3-1-1.

Facebook:, Twitter: @houstontrash

The Spring Branch Management District is undertaking a Livable Centers project to help revitalize the heartbeat of the Spring Branch Community-Long Point Road. That means more business and community opportunities, more walkable spaces and more parks.

To help inform our project, we're asking Spring Branch residents to complete a survey about your hopes for the future when it comes to reimagining Long Point Road.

Whether you live or work in Spring Branch, you do so for a reason. There are things you love about the neighborhood, things that make it special, things that make it unique, things that make it home.

It's your community, so make your voice heard!

The survey shouldn't take you longer than five minutes to complete, and it's an important part of the research that goes into planning such an extensive project.

Pinecrest Information

The following letter was sent to the Houston Mayor and City Council after a meeting between MetroNational, Meritage Homes, and the HOA presidents of adjoining neighborhoods. The project engineers also attended this meeting. This letter presents the FACTS as we know them after the meeting.

Recent newspaper articles and a letter by the Super Neighborhood Alliance has spurred some controversy regarding the development of the former Pine Crest golf course. The Spring Branch Super Neighborhood North reached out to MetroNational for information about the proposed development so we could provide FACTS to the members of our community.

MetroNational and Meritage invited the Co-Chairs of the Spring Branch Super Neighborhood North and the Presidents of Spring Shadows Civic Association, Spring Shadows Townhomes and Willow Walk Townhomes to a meeting to discuss the proposed development and to answer any questions we might have about the project. We were encouraged to ask questions based upon what we had heard from our community residents, the information that had been published online and in news articles, and the information presented during the meeting. Again, our goal was to seek FACTS. Shown below are the FACTS we learned from that meeting.

The proposed project consists of approximately 30 acres of commercial development along Gessner and approximately 900 single family homes that would be built on approximately 120 acres which would be in 5 gated residential groupings. The residential portion of the development is to be called Spring Brook Village. The attached general plan was approved by the City for construction and shows the public streets within the project. The public streets were designed so that there was not a straight line connection between Clay and Kemp Forest. This design slows down traffic and reduces cut through traffic in the adjacent neighborhoods and the proposed development.

A major component of the development is the construction of a drainage and detention system. That drainage/detention system has been designed and approved by all applicable governmental authorities (FEMA, Harris County Flood Control District and the City of Houston). As you are aware, the construction of the drainage/detention system has commenced. Even though it was only partially built, it was a big part of the reason Brickhouse Gully did not flood surrounding and downstream neighborhoods during Hurricane Harvey. The Spring Brook Village drainage/detention system gathers storm water into the ponds that outfall into Brickhouse Gully which is located at the northeast corner of the development and eventually this outfall flows into White Oak Bayou to the east. The system is designed by regulation to allow storm water outfall into Brickhouse Gully at the same or lesser rate which occurred when the property was a golf course. The detention of storm water on the development, through the series of detention ponds, greatly exceeds governmental requirements and is discussed in further detail below.

FEMA, the federal agency that administers Floodplain Maps, has reviewed the drainage plans and provided a LOMR for the existing state and a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) for the future state drainage system. Once the drainage system is built, according to the CLOMR, FEMA will amend the floodplain maps to show the floodway and 100-yr floodplain are contained inside the drainage system within a one (1) foot freeboard to the top of bank.

The following is a summary of how the project exceeds City of Houston and Harris County standards.

Home Elevation
The City requires that the homes be constructed above the 100-year flood plain. Not only will all of the homes be constructed above the required 100-year flood plain, but once the entire drainage/detention system is completed, the homes will also be above the 500-year flood plain. Dirt from the excavation of the drainage/detention system is being used as fill to raise the lots.
Chapter 42 of the City's Subdivision Code allows 27 dwelling units per acre. Spring Brook Village is planning 8 dwelling unit per acre and is comparable to Willow Walk Townhomes or Spring Shadows Townhomes.
Home Plans
Chapter 42 allows homes to be 3-4 stories and attached (shared wall). The homes in this project are detached and 1-2 story which is consistent with the character of the community.
The minimum City required detention volume is 71.6 acre-feet of detention. The proposed drainage/detention system provides for 87.7 acre-feet of detention (22% more than required). Additionally, detention is designed so that the 87.7 acre-feet is contained one foot below the channel banks, resulting in an additional factor of protection from flooding. That additional factor of protection allows for an excess of 20+ acre-feet of detention before water levels can overtop the banks of the drainage channel.
All of the rain water will drain to the center of the site into the drainage/detention system. The only water that will leave the site will be through the drainage/detention system into Brickhouse Gully. A series of detention ponds are part of the drainage/detention system. Existing water that enters the site at the corner of Clay and Gessner and rainwater falling on the development will be captured and funneled through the detention ponds. As stated above, water will drain into Brickhouse Gully at the same rate or less than when the property was a golf course.
Harvey Analysis
The project's civil engineer, Jones and Carter, was requested by Mayor Turner's office to superimpose the rainfall from Harvey over the completed build out of Spring Brook Village. The resulting hydraulic model showed that flood waters would not reach any houses, nor would the adjacent community receive any additional runoff because all the rainfall would be detained onsite.
Drainage Maintenance
Harris County and the City generally do not accept the responsibility of maintenance of detention ponds and require homeowner associations or MUD's to maintain such infrastructure. In this case, the drainage/detention system will be maintained by the MUD resulting in a higher quality of maintenance than that usually provided by homeowner associations.
The City requires a park fee. In addition to the park fee, this project provides for public and private park amenities. The MUD will also maintain the public park amenities.
Parking spaces
Chapter 42 requires 1 guest space for every 6 units. There will be 2 guest parking spaces for every 6 units in this project.

We understand that people have wondered why construction has not stopped since the City has not yet voted to allow a MUD over the property. Construction started in May 2017 after receiving all necessary approvals from the City and Harris County for this development. Having the MUD (i) makes it feasible to have the lower residential density, excess detention capacity and linear park trails (pedestrian and bike) that are open to the public; and (ii) maintenance of the facilities so that such facilities function as they are designed. The MUD provides a financing mechanism that allows for bonds to be issued for the payment of the public infrastructure, the drainage/detention system, the streets and the trail system.

The MUD is supported by taxes paid by property owners in the district only. MetroNational will be responsible for the MUD taxes for the commercial portion of the development, and Meritage and the homeowners for the MUD taxes for the residential portion of the development. The inability to use MUD financing would require a re-examination of the development by the developers regarding the feasibility of creating a community that exceeds requirements on so many levels.

City of Houston Harvey Recovery Update
October 2, 2017

Repair Permits

As Houston homeowners rebuild, it's important to ensure that you have the proper permits to move forward. The Houston Permitting Center is making this easier by opening satellite permitting centers throughout the City and has extended hours at all locations. For a list of locations, and tips making repairs to your homes, visit

Unusually High Water Bills Reported as a Result of Harvey Flooding

The City of Houston and Houston Public Works take seriously the fact that some properties affected by flooding have received unusually high water bills. There are approximately 5,000 customer accounts that have water bills that are twice as much (or more) as the previous billing cycle. The mayor is working with City Council and Houston Public Works to better understand how this happened and how to correct it. For updates, and steps you can take if you have experienced a high water bill related to Harvey, visit

Rental Assistance

If you need more rental assistance because you're still unable to return to your Harvey-damaged home, let FEMA know. FEMA grants do not have to be repaid. FEMA assistance is nontaxable and will not affect eligibility for Social Security, Medicaid or other federal benefits.

To be eligible for continued rental assistance, you must complete a form and mail it to FEMA. If you did not receive the form, visit any Disaster Recovery Center (DRC). For a list and interactive map of DRCs in the Houston area, visit

Report Your Debris

The City's Solid Waste Management Department is working to remove debris as quickly as possible throughout Houston. Be sure the City knows about your damage and debris by submitting a report on or on the Houston 311 App for Smartphone. Please note that calling 311 repeatedly will not increase the speed by which your debris is collected. For information on debris management, visit

Harvey by the Numbers

Mayor Sylvester Turner announced the launch of the "Harvey By The Numbers" web site on Friday. The site provides visualized information about Houston's response to Harvey, as well as on storm debris collection. This site will be updated periodically as Houston's recovery from Harvey continues. To access the latest numbers, visit

Governor Abbott and Mayor Turner Announce Funding For Houston

On Friday, September 29, Mayor Sylvester Turner and Governor Greg Abbott held a news conference at Houston City Hall to announce that the State of Texas will provide $50 million to the City of Houston to offset the cost associated with Houston's response to Harvey. This additional funding will mean that Houston will not need to raise property taxes slightly to cover the cost of response. Watch the press conference online at

Special Watch for Your House

If you have to leave your house because it needs to be repaired for storm related damage, please contact the Pct 5 Constable office, 281.463.6666, and request a special watch for your house.

PIP Meetings - Positive Interaction Program

We will not have a regular PIP meeting in November or December due to the Holidays. Instead we have scheduled the popular VIN etching for your vehicles! Auto theft division will be out for this free service for your vehicle! November 29th, Wednesday starting around 3:00pm we will be here at the Long Point Storefront. Mark this date and time! Forward this information to your neighbors and friends. First come, first served!
Location:VFW - 1506 Foley
Time:  5:00pm - 8:00pm
Questions: contact Sr. Police Officer C. Engelhardt- 832-394-0100

**for crime stats- see **

Security Alert

Dear Homeowners,

We get calls regarding burglaries of motor vehicle and thefts from vehicles. In most reports doors were left unlocked and unfortunately personal property was stolen.

This year, Spring Shadows has been plagued with burglary of motor vehicles. I can safely say that between 90-95% of these vehicle burglaries involved unsecured vehicle doors as no forced entry was made by the suspect(s).

All of these vehicle burglaries occur during the night time hours. These thieves are targeting computers, wallets, purses, cell phones, cash money and the most concerning items are firearms/handguns.

Pct. 5 Deputies are patrolling the subdivision and finding open garage doors and vehicle dome lights on. The Deputies are getting out and trying to notify owners to secure their property.

Please help curtail crime in our area by locking your vehicle doors and garages. Remove your personal property from the interior of your vehicles.

If any Resident has cameras outside their homes for security purposes, please check them out daily to look for suspicious person(s) and or vehicle(s). Please let us know as soon as possible if you have captured anything that might help in any investigation. Please check the outside of your homes to see if it is well lit and your alarms are working properly.

Remember . . . If you see something, say something!!

Lt. Hutter will do home inspections at no charge and will give you recommendations to secure your home (see information below).

For home security inspections, a free home inspection survey, to possibly save money on your home insurance, or get simple suggestions on how to better secure your home, call the PCT 5 constable's office at 281-463-6666 and ask for Lieutenant Mitch Hutter. You can find more information on the Harris County Precinct 5 website at

Lastly, make sure alarm permits are current, that you activate your alarm and inform your alarm company to make the Constables your first emergency contact.

Report all suspicious persons and vehicles to the Constable's office at 281-463-6666. Your cooperation is always appreciated.

Sincerely, Sgt. Gonzales