2020 December Christmas Light Winners!

Area 1

2539 Palo Pinto           1st Place

2507 Pine Valley          2nd Place

Area 2   

2727 Quincannon        1st Place

2715 Triway                 2nd Place

Area 3 

2926 Triway                 1st Place

2902 Stetson                2nd Place

Area 4 

9626 Lawngate            1st Place

9619 Colleen                2nd Place

Area 5  

2311 Lexford                1st Place

9831 Vogue                  2nd Place

Fall Leaves

Now that we have had our first cold snap, the trees are finally starting to shed their leaves. This means there will be lots of leaves on our lawns, in our driveways, and also in our streets. Please remember to clean up the leaves that are in the street in front of your house, and…

Security Alert

Dear Homeowners, We get calls regarding burglaries of motor vehicle and thefts from vehicles. In most reports doors were left unlocked and unfortunately personal property was stolen. This year, Spring Shadows has been plagued with burglary of motor vehicles. I can safely say that between 90-95% of these vehicle burglaries involved unsecured vehicle doors as…