Fall Leaves

Now that we have had our first cold snap, the trees are finally starting to shed their leaves. This means there will be lots of leaves on our lawns, in our driveways, and also in our streets. Please remember to clean up the leaves that are in the street in front of your house, and…

5 New Directors for SSCA

At the 18 February 2019 meeting of the SSCA Board of Directors, 5 members were elected to the remaining open positions (vacated by past directors). Those elected and their sections are as follows:

  • Lorrin Honda, Section 5A
  • Christy Robinson, Section 8A
  • Debbie Dill, Section 8C
  • Ken Arnold, Section 10A
  • Nat Heston, Section 15A

Congratulations to these newly elected directors.

Mosquito Control Proposal

At the January 21st SSCA BOD meeting, directors voted to adopt the first two parts of the SSCA Mosquito Control Program.   At the February 18th BOD meeting, directors will decide whether or not to reinstate a chemical fogging program and the scope of that program if reinstated. The proposal and supporting documents can be found on this…