Catch a Tiger by the TRAIL…A Little Tiger’s Experience

Our mission was clear: to find a school system we felt confident in sending our children to for an education. As a former public school kindergarten teacher and growing up in a household with parents with over 65 years combined in the public school system, education is not something to take lightly. My husband and I have chosen for our children to attend public school and we want to get it right. Researching and discovering our school options are top priorities for our family.

We heard conflicting comments and stories about the schools in our neighborhood and decided to go and check it out ourselves. We made appointments to tour the schools and met with teachers, principals and current families enrolled.  We toured all areas including Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD) schools and private schools. For our family, exposing our children to socioeconomic diversity is important and we want to make sure our children have grit. Studies show that diversity in school lead to long-term benefits to students ( We researched preschool centers, and elementary schools.

Naturally, we focused on preschool enrollment first. Tiger Trail is a public preschool option located in the heart of our neighborhood at 10406 Tiger Trail Drive, which is directly behind Spring Woods High School.

The moment we walked through the Tiger Trail School halls we felt we were in the right place. The outdoor breezeways are filled with student artwork, children’s laughter and calm teacher voices that fill the space. Tiger Trail is built around an outdoor playground, which clearly states “play is the center of what we do.”  The warm environment has happy and engaged teachers and staff. It is hard to ignore the solid teaching, small group learning, flexible seating, and other curriculum. You will observe hands-on developmentally appropriate play through free-style writing, play centers, self-guided phonics-based “Little Books” and math which is supported by sound based research. Observing the campus gave us the feeling that we were “home”. Clearly, Tiger Trail is the right place for preschool. How have we not know about this hidden gem in our neighborhood?

If a student doesn’t qualify for free tuition by state requirements, there is an option to attend by paying affordable tuition. A full day program in SBISD public preschool is available for every pre-kindergarten (PK-4) child who will turn 4 years old on or before September 1. SBISD preschool curriculum provides a strong foundation for children to be successful and prepared for elementary school.

In our opinion, the value of the Tiger Trail education has been remarkable and is more cost effective than most area private preschools. The school day is from 8:15 am – 3:20 pm. Our child uses the SBISD transportation bus service to and from school. Each school day, breakfast and lunch are served at no additional cost.  Not packing a lunch is a “game-changer” for all Tiger Trail students and families. Each child gets to eat with their class twice a day, which helps build community.

Our child has gained more confidence, enjoys making inventions in the classroom “maker station”, loves the “social skills program” and has soaked up a lot of new knowledge. She is blooming in the Tiger Trail environment. The other day, she proudly showed off her yoga skills she learned at school.

Our child’s teacher (who is off the charts amazing) most recently taught at a well-known private school before she started to teach at Tiger Trail.  The teacher often says “I just wish I would have taught here sooner.  I love this school.”  It’s true.  Our family loves it too.

The Spring Branch area has amazing public and private school choices for our children’s education.

Where you send your children to school is a big choice. No one knows your children the way you do. You have the power and choice to choose what school is right for your child.  It is important to find a school that fits your child’s learning needs in a supportive community.

The experience at Tiger Trail School, so far, has been OUTSTANDING for our family.  We encourage you to give it a close look as you begin to research schools for your child.  Many Spring Shadows neighborhood families are very happy with their experiences at Tiger Trail.

We are proud to be part of a wonderful learning community like Tiger Trail. Give Tiger Trail a call and take a tour.  There are many families who would love to tell you more.

Hope you will decide to be a Tiger Trail family.


The Tiger Trail School

Phone: 713-251-8100

Address: 10406 Tiger Trail, Houston, TX 77043


Want to talk to parents with children currently enrolled at Tiger Trail? email and put “Tiger Trail” in the subject.


Leigh Anne Bryant has been a resident of Spring Shadows neighborhood since 2017.  Most recently she was unanimously elected to the Executive Vice President position of the Board of Directors of the Spring Shadows Civic Association.  Leigh Anne is a former public school teacher and is a children’s choir director and piano teacher.  She resides in the Helmsdale section with her husband, Matthew, and their two daughters, Katherine (5) and Betsy (