To all SSCA Homeowners from the SSCA President:
This overall project is actually 5 sub-projects. This meeting was about Sub-Project 1 (Neuens Rd) which has to be built first and is meant to be the backbone for the rest. The other 4 Sub-Projects, when eventually built, will feed rainwater into the Neuens Sub-Project and are not currently funded. The other four (4) sub-projects are in Spring Shadows and Campbell Woods.

Neuens is a 1.2-mile combination drainage and mobility project. The road will be rebuilt as a 2 lane road and will contain additional features to increase the ability to retain water and increase the amount of water to flow out of the southern part of Spring Shadows. This project is estimated at $18.2 Million. Under the Master Agreement, the funding was split 80/20 between the City of Houston and Precinct 4 of Harris County, in that order. The County was going to pay for the street construction portion; the City would pay for the drainage portion.

The Neuens Project was included on the City of Houston’s Capital Improvement Project (CIP) listing. CIP projects are supposed to be funded by a “guaranteed” spending fund. Now, we are advised that the funding source has been changed by the City (attributed to Mayor Turner) to funding by a federal grant relating to Hurricane Harvey. Under that grant, money has to be spent first and then reimbursed by the federal government. Since the city doesn’t have much money, it would have to spend some money, wait reimbursement, spend more money, have it reimbursed, etc. These are the so-called “Additional Requirements” which were not present before. The City and County are trying to work them out

The Neuens construction was hoped to start in the First Quarter for 2020. At the meeting, City personnel advised that that date was anticipated to remain on schedule despite the new funding mechanism. There was a considerable amount of skepticism about this expressed by the audience attendance. It is important to note that the Project was not cancelled, but is subject to delay since now the funding has strings (Additional Requirements).

Concerned residents need to write letters to Mayor Turner, and whoever might be elected as Mayor and City Council Members (District A and At-Large) in the Fall. Concerned residents need to stay involved and monitor the Neuens Project. I hope it will become a campaign issue for Mayoral, City Council District A, and At-Large Council Member candidates that are appealing for the votes of Spring Shadows residents.

Robert S. Cooms, Jr.
SSCA President
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